Successful ERP Integration Wins

A recent study found that companies that are able to “get digitization right” are winning market share, while those that fall victim to complacency are losing it.

Why is the correlation between effective ERP integration and market share gains so strong?

The answer lies in the fact that properly applied ERP cloud service integration yields better customer service, more competitive pricing, and accessible scalability.

Streamlined Customer Service

ERP, when properly utilized, makes customer service so much more efficient. It does so by eliminating the compartmentalization of client account information.

As more companies are successfully consolidating their software, top quality customer service is becoming the norm across all service industries.

If your company is unable to match the speed and depth of customer service inquiry resolutions of your competitors, your clients will take their business elsewhere.

ERP Lowers Overhead, Product Price Points

Companies that are able to integrate ERP are leaner, more efficient, and spend less on overhead than competitors using legacy software. They are able to offer quality services at a lower price point.

This competitive advantage attracts clients who seek the best prices. Quite simply, companies that are able to utilize this technology to optimize efficiency are able to keep up in ever-increasingly competitive markets.

Legacy Software Scales Badly

As companies gain market share, their ability to scale up business properly has a huge impact on their ultimate performance.

Those who are able to digitize properly with ERP are blessed with the ability to scale arbitrarily while outsourcing scalability logistics to ERP cloud service providers.

The truth is that the most cost-effective scalability solution is the cloud solution. ERP cloud service providers have scalable data infrastructures and rent them out to client companies with highly competitive pricing.

Winners and Losers

As the ERP cloud solutions approach market saturation, the competitive advantage goes not to those companies that simply purchase ERP cloud solutions, but to those who embrace digital integration by committing to a well-defined change campaign.

It takes a corporate culture shift, a strong forward-minded CIO, and a company-wide sense of direction to succeed in integrating an ERP solution.


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