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As the corporate landscape shifts towards complete digital integration of software, the needs of Chief Information Officers are growing more complex every quarter. This means CIOs are looking for increasingly more diverse skills when hiring IT staff.

Here’s how you can make your search more effective.

Reinvent Your Top Performers

Sometimes the talent you need is already on your team. You just need to upgrade their training.

There is a wealth of tools and resources for getting your IT staff up to date on the latest best practices and techniques.

Look closely at your IT staff for team members who tend to seek creative solutions and “think outside the box.” These employees are most likely to produce tangible solutions from retraining.

If any of your staff members are up to the challenge, see if you can afford an incentive (like a bonus) for completing relevant certification courses. Sometimes this is the best use of your resources.

Seek Migration Specialization

Many recruiting firms now specialize solely in systems migration. As successful system migration to centralized ERP services is associated with growing market share and winning customers, seeking migration specialists is an excellent strategy.

Migration specialists have a critical understanding of the urgency of system migrations, but respect the needs covered by legacy software as well.

This difficult part of their jobs is stepping into a well-established corporate culture and instigating change. However, they are specialists for a reason. They offer the most experience and resources for software migrations in the industry.

Ask Your IT Department

Your IT staff knows the most about your information infrastructure. Who better to consult about the qualifications of new hire candidates?

Including your IT staff in the decision-making process will reduce the risk of creating friction within your IT department as well. New faces that come along with new company policies can contribute to creating a division between the “old school” employees and the “new school” recent hires. By consulting your IT staff about new hires, the entire department will tend to work better together.


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