Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is revolutionizing 21st century business. ERP makes modern business possible by consolidating a business’s many operations into one, easily accessible software package. However, conventional ERP has its downsides, such as an expensive upfront investment, costly personnel resource allotment, and complicated maintenance.

Fortunately, Cloud-based ERP is a solution to the aforementioned problems. By leveraging the architecture and resources of the Cloud, no longer do organizations need to invest in costly IT infrastructure, personnel, and maintenance; the host company handles all of these issues. Furthermore, Cloud-based ERP allows small and medium-sized businesses to integrate ERP without costly investments that usually only large companies are able to shoulder.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud uses the internet to allocate computational resources and services remotely. It enables host companies (the providers) to use their own computing resources to run demanding services on their customers’ hardware platforms; essentially, customers rent processing resources from remote service providers.

What is a Cloud-based ERP?

A Cloud-based ERP is an enterprise resource planning construct that exists on the Cloud. The best Cloud-based ERP solutions are primarily web-based, they do not require clients to download special software in order to operate them; only a web-browser is necessary to use them.

Cloud-based ERP service providers conduct all of the maintenance work necessary for integrating new version releases with client customizations. Version-control issues plague on-premise ERP systems; that is why many companies run outdated ERP software, they deem that the complexity involved in integrating new releases is not worth the cost and opt to run obsolete software instead. Cloud service providers streamline the integration process, thereby avoiding the version-control issue altogether.

Regardless of whether a business is investing in an on-premise or a Cloud-based ERP, incorporating these systems is a daunting task. Experienced consultants guide businesses through this intricate process.


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