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When you decide that your company needs an open source ERP software application, you must never jump into it without giving it a good deal of thought. You must shop around.

Otherwise, it could cost you a lot of heartache. And if you discovered that it doesn’t meet your needs after all, you would have to eat the loss and start over from scratch.


This software is considered user-friendly because it’s designed for less technically-oriented people. It was intended for small and mid-sized businesses, and has a variety of modules like managing inventory, sales purchase, project management and accounting. Its applications are arranged like forms, where you write information in some fields, and let the app do the rest.


Focused on a series of applications, Odoo functions span the gamut of manufacturing, standard warehousing, and sales channels. It, too, was designed for small and mid-sized companies, and contains over a thousand modules. Its flexibility gives it the ability to customize itself according to your business requirements.


This software was also designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It has a clean interface, and can help with all aspects of your business, such as contracts, invoices, orders, inventory and payments. Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for use on the Cloud, Dolibarr can be used as a standalone or online.

Apache OfBiz

This platform covers a wide range of functionalities, such as advanced e-commerce, accounting, warehouse management, customer management, and catalogue management. It can be easily customized to fit your business needs, and you can expand its functionalities if necessary.


Based on Python and Zope, ERP5 is an international platform that caters to such industries as aerospace, manufacturing and healthcare. Its flexible, generic architecture employs five concepts — Node, Item, Movement, Resource, and Path — to visualize business processes within its “Unified Business Model,” which increases flexibility and decreases the complexity of configuration.


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