ERP Cloud Services

ERP software is moving to the cloud.

Migrating your ERP to the cloud provides obvious benefits, such as reduced overhead associated and simplified logistics. Many businesses are now able to thrive with little-to-no IT staff and without hosting their own servers.

Cloud-based ERP software also offers some distinct benefits that are not so obvious.

Here are 5 important examples.

1. ERP Research and Performance Optimization

Cloud based ERP software providers have access to huge amounts of ERP data. As a result, they are able to produce extensive data analyses that include unmatched amounts of information.

When cloud service companies apply this insight to their ERP products, the result is unprecedented ERP algorithm optimization.

2. Data as an Asset

The very same data that give ERP-specific insight to cloud service providers represent an emerging new avenue for revenue for ERP users.

Data gathered incidentally by cloud-based ERP systems is easy to monetize. Market researchers want your data, and integrated ERP software puts all of your data together in one place.

3. Remote Access

Cloud-based ERP software gives users the opportunity to work from mobile devices and remote workspaces.

By running software remotely on the cloud, all you need is internet access to access all the software you need to do your job. You can access incredible computing power from your pocket with mobile app ERP integration.

4. Digital Security

Cloud-based ERP service providers manage your entire network. This reduces the overall number of potential vulnerabilities to your system.

Keeping software updated is crucial for maintaining security. By handing your software management over to a cloud service company, you are leaving security updates to the professionals. They update continually without ever interrupting your service.

You can take advantages of state of the art security techniques without ever thinking about it. This leaves you with the freedom to focus on growing your business.

5. Continuous Support

Software support is available virtually anytime. Cloud based ERP providers deal with support inquiries constantly, and as a result are available 24-7 to address your software support needs.

Support is now consolidated. Rather than dealing with a number of software providers, one integrated system gives you support for any and every problem you encounter. This makes your software support much more consistent and dependable.


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