ERP Goes Mobile

As ERP cloud service providers face stronger competition every quarter, there is a growing demand for more user-friendly features in their products. A highly demanded emerging feature is mobile interfaces for users.

A push to integrate mobile access to cloud-based ERP systems is an emerging trend that will likely bundle with every major ERP software package in the near future.

Major Examples

Most ERP cloud service providers, including market giants SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft, have already rolled out their ERP cloud system mobile apps.

Therefore, it’s appropriate to demand full mobile app support for any ERP cloud solution you are considering.

Advantages of Cloud Based Applications on Mobile Platforms

Cloud based solutions enable remote access to impressive computing power. As data is processed at service provider server centers, the power of an entire ERP platform can be harnessed from anywhere – even your pocket.

This means virtually any task can be performed remotely by any team member with a cell signal (in theory, anyway). As ERP cloud services improve their mobile platforms, users will gain access to critical system functions, address inquiries, and stay on track on-the-go.

Added Network Vulnerability

Before you decide to bring on mobile ERP applications, consider the added security liability of fully integrating mobile access to your cloud-based network.

Each mobile device that connects to your cloud network is another potential entry point for malicious parties.

This will increase the workload for your IT department as the number of entry points to your cloud system (now including employee mobile devices) can potentially double.

This in turn will double the work required to install updates.

The benefit of using employee mobile devices at no additional cost comes with the added complexity of each employee using different models and operating systems on their phones.

Other applications installed on their phones can create security risks as well.This adds even more logistical complication to keeping your network secure.

However, the additional security risks posed by mobile application integration are entirely manageable.Just make sure to anticipate the extra demand on your IT department before introducing a mobile option for your team members.

Keeping Up With The CompetitionMore companies are able to gain a competitive advantage by employing the versatility offered by mobile access to ERP systems.

In order to keep up, you will eventually need to find a way to integrate mobile access into your work flow.We specialize in digital migration services and can make your transition as smooth as possible.


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