Procurement Staffing

Procurement Staffing

​Whether you need to fill a skill gap on a short-term basis or have a critical project initiative that requires numerous resources with specialized expertise, Gordon Horner LLC will meet your needs.

  • Project Support Resources

  • Temporary Professionals to Fill Interim Gaps

  • Specialized Category Experts

  • Remote or On-site Support Options

  • Temp-to-Hire Conversions

Our resources are highly-skilled procurement professionals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and proven work experience.

Freedom and Flexibility.

We are not your typical consulting firm – add resources with or without executive oversight, project management, and/or access to our intellectual capital and/or business intelligence.

It is because procurement and supply chain is all we do,  that we understand what kind of experience translates into skills and abilities required. We attract professionals with first-rate backgrounds; many come through personal referrals.

Flexibility is key.  Our expert resources that can perform offsite or onsite at your offices.  Turn on and off a solution that  our places vetted and highly qualified procurement, strategic sourcing and supply chain contractors.

Use our contingent resources as needed.  We ensure that that our human capital will integrate smoothly and seamlessly into your corporate culture.

Recruitment & Staffing.

Procurement recruitment and staffing solutions are critical to your company’s success. Key stakeholders in many business units count on the procurement department to deliver results. You should expect the same from your staffing partner. That’s why asking for performance guarantees upfront is essential.

Often times, procurement or supply chain management organizations must identify temporary or contract talent in areas such as:

  • Procurement

  • Supply chain

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Support Functions

Speed Up The Process & Fill In the Gaps.

Gordon Horner LLC has a strong network of procurement and supply chain talent:

  • Independent contractors

  • Procurement & strategic sourcing consultants

  • Freelance procurement/supply chain resources

Our expert resources have experience in indirect and direct spend categories and have the subject matter expertise you’ll need to speed up the process and fill in the gaps.

Contingent Workforce

A contingent workforce is defined as a group of individuals who are employed by an organization on a non-permanent basis and may include freelancers, consultants or contract workers on temporary agreements.

Procurement organizations are many times responsible for contingent staff.  Some companies utilize specialized staffing partners to assist them with hiring contingency workers, who are then employed through contracts with the agency. (Agency of Record).

The market for contingent workforce management has grown exponentially.  The hiring of contingent workers is no longer just for lower paid jobs, but now more and more, contingent workers are commonly working in strategic positions in IT, Finance, Procurement, Medical, Engineering and Sales professions.

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM).  Center led procurement organizations manage operations centrally across a company and use  technology to gain more control over the process.

To run the modern business, procurement executives must implement consistent, real-time thinking in order to respond to the ever-competitive shifts in the global marketplace.

Innovations in procurement and HR have allowed for new applications that include interactive visualization and analysis tools.  These same technologies allow procurement professionals to enhance data security and use contextual guidance that is configurable to meet the organizations needs and requirements.

Procurement Needs Fluctuate.

The needs of your procurement organization may fluctuate which is why leaders need to align skills and talent with changing business needs.

Use our expert resources to support:

  • Short-term procurement projects

  • Seasonal peaks

  • Unforeseen changes in the organization

Mitigate Risk

With the support of our partner network, we are able to mitigate skill gaps, providing the flexibility to handle all supply chain recruiting challenges.

Working Interviews:  Observe and evaluate talent before considering them for a temporary position or permanent placement.  This allows you to eliminate the potential risk and expense of hiring the wrong person.

Our Talent Pool

We are a leader in the industry. Procurement, supply chain and strategic sourcing is all we do.

We have access to the largest talent pool in:

  • Procurement

  • Project Support

  • Supply Chain

With well over 10,000 candidates in our cloud based resume data base, we will have the best available fit for your job quickly.


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