Cloud ERP Systems of 2019

This is the third part in a series of posts about the top cloud-based ERP solutions of 2017. There are so many software suites and services to choose from, and the right choice depends on your industry, your technical expertise, the size of your business, your budget, and your company’s culture.

Blue Link ERP

Blue Link ERP is a Windows-based ERP system that is most appropriate for time-sensitive asset tracking. If you deal with chemicals, foods, or materials where dates are critical, Blue Link is very good at tracking dates and prioritizing inventory in consideration of shelf life.

It’s easy to use and moderately priced, and can be run locally or on the cloud with a monthly subscription.

We recommend Blue Link ERP for SMBs in medical and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage services, and chemical distribution sectors.


EXEControl Global Solutions specializes in customized, personalized complete software solutions. Their flagship product, EXEControl, integrates ERP, CRM, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) features.

The company’s objective is to provide a solution that meets the needs of a large number of businesses flexibly and keeps data centralized for convenient analytics and best security practices.

It’s a great choice for a number of industries, but we recommend it only for clients who are ready to move all of their processes into one single solution. It’s not the cheapest cloud-based ERP system, so we want to make sure a company will properly utilize all of EXEControl’s features before choosing it.

ABIS Adjutant Software

The Adjutant software suit is a good fit for medium-sized businesses in metals and manufacturing industries. It’s a cloud-based resource tracking solution that automates accounting tasks.

It’s a great fit for the industries it’s tailored to and it’s very scalable. Adjutant can track resources and adjust asset valuation in real-time based on market information, keeping your prices and costs in sync at all times.


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