ERP Cybersecurity Mistakes

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated software platform designed to address a company’s needs with a single application. It has generally been used by large companies whose IT departments handle things like customization, analysis of data, and application deployment.

Small business ERP, however, is slightly different. The application is lightweight, support is handled by the provider, and it’s usually industry-specific. It is typically a Software as a Storage (SaaS) model, a software delivery system known also as a hosted application, which allows users to operate a software application remotely.

No Business Is Too Small for ERP

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, every small business must strive to stand out above the rest. In fact, small businesses probably need an ERP application as much as do large businesses. Since employees of small companies and start-ups typically wear multiple hats, they often find themselves overburdened by interdepartmental tasks. During busy season this can hurt the company’s bottom line. So an integrated software platform like ERP is always welcome.

More Productivity, Fewer Operating Costs

Not only do ERP systems save employees time and trouble, but they also streamline operations, leading to increased efficiency, fewer operating costs and more collaboration between departments since employees now have access to all company data. And that could only help the company’s financial state.

Data Flow and Decision Making All Streamlined

With an ERP platform, data becomes more streamlined. Companies experiencing sustained growth may benefit most since a letup in operations can hurt profits. Without ERP software, interdepartmental communication requiring an urgent solution may be hampered. But with ERP, increased collaboration allows company leaders to gain a panoramic vision of their organization and make decisions that will help their companies grow financially.


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