ERP Industry Trends of 2019

Smarter ERP products are flooding the market and innovative companies are taking this opportunity to figure out unique ways to use these systems.

Make sure yours isn’t getting left behind! Read on to learn more about the latest ERP trends.

Top ERP Trends of 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of A.I. in ERP applications enabled a wide variety of new and useful functions.

Whereas before the top ERP applications would perform a single task assigned to it, A.I. has allowed them to tackle far more complex problems.

For example, imagine an ERP system that is used mainly for generating monthly invoices for products purchased.

With the addition of A.I., this application will now also be able to tell which stock of products are running low based on this invoice and request that those products be purchased.

More intelligent ERP applications can streamline important aspect of your business.

2. Mobile ERP Platforms

Many companies rely on a cloud-based software system. If you have the right mobile ERP application, this means you can essentially take your work anywhere.

Remote work is a new trend in business that’s quickly becoming a norm. There is a significant increase in productivity from employees who work remotely. It also opens up your ability to hire more qualified people who may live far from your office headquarters.

Remote work is the future, and with mobile, cloud-based ERP applications you will be equipped to handle it.

3. Return Of Unified Systems

With the advent of A.I., many top ERP applications have branched off to differing, specialized systems.

However, it wouldn’t surprise us if the pendulum begins to swing the other way again. While specialized individual ERP applications boast best-in-class performance, you begin to suffer inconsistencies when relying on too many separate applications.

This is the advantage of a unified system of ERP tools. There is less room for discrepancy when it comes to version control issues or inconsistent data.

One of the original benefits of ERP tools was how it streamlined all your applications across one system. We see a return to this original model coming in 2017.

4. Competitive Pricing

The good news is these total ERP systems are likely to start getting cheaper. Large ERP vendors are seeing a lot of their business going to these smaller, more specialized ERP applications.

In order for the top ERP vendors to keep up, they’re going to have to stay ahead of these market disruptors by providing more competitive pricing.

5. ERP Security

As more and more companies are trusting their ERP systems with highly sensitive data, security surrounding these systems has become a major issue.

The more sophisticated ERP systems become, the more complex they are to manage and keep secure.

New ERP technology must aim not just to increase the functionality of these tools, but also maintain their security.


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