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As the digital transformation consulting business grows into multi billion dollar industry, looking for the right digital transformation consulting firm can be confusing.

We’ve broken down the important aspects of a consulting firm to help you narrow down your search.

1. Match Culture

Make sure there is a cultural alignment between your transformation consultant firm and your own company.

If you are energetic and results-driven, choose an equally driven firm. If you have a more relaxed company culture, choose a like-minded firm.

It’s crucial to get to know a firm and its culture before you make a decision. Have a good conversation and talk specifically about company culture with prospective consultants.

2. Your Success Should Be Their Incentive

Clearly define your goals and agree to a completion of payment after the goals are achieved, and no sooner. This will align your consultant’s goals with yours.

3. Industry Experience

Talk to prospective consulting firms about their experience in your specific industry.

Most consultants are happy to take on new challenges, but experience within your own industry will make the process easier for your consultant and multiply your likelihood for success.

4. Look at the Success Record

Your consultant should be able to provide a track record of success and references for previous clients. Past success is the best indicator for future success.

5. Seek Understanding of Your Specific Challenges

Your consulting firm should have a strong understanding of the specific challenges your company faces in digital transformation.

Before hiring a consultant, come up with a list of specific challenges that you face. Ask your prospective consultant what challenges clients typically have, and how they help overcome them.

If the challenges they list overlap with yours, there’s a good chance your consultant is offering the right type of experience for your specific case.

6. Experience With Failure

A consultant with valuable experience has seen failure in the past.

Before hiring a consultant, ask about cases of failed digital transformation and how their services will keep your business away from common pitfalls.

If your prospective consultant tends to steer the conversation away from the subject of failure, there’s a possibility that they don’t fully understand the risks you are taking in this change campaign.

If your consultant can draw from hard lessons learned in the past, they will offer that much more valuable insight to you.

7. Follow Your Gut

You understand your business better than anyone else. This gives you the unique position of knowing what’s best for your company. If one consultant stands out in your mind as “feeling like” the best option, there are probably a lot of case-specific factors at play. Don’t ignore your intuition.

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