Intelligent ERP Cloud Services

ERP Cloud Services

Taking advantage of ERP technology means adapting your business to your new cloud-based solution.

Corporate change isn’t easy and major structured change campaigns often lead to failure. As a result, ERP cloud service solutions providers are working to make their products more adaptable by incorporating machine learning and data-driven technology into their products.

The ideal outcome of this adaptive technology is to give firms the freedom to operate in a well-established, proven manner, not as the ERP solution requires.

Self-Driving Enterprise Software

The idea that your ERP software will effectively “learn” how your business operates is a lofty goal. Still, a small ERP cloud services company called Unit4 has introduced the Wanda Digital Assistant, which aims to provide flexible, rapid and intelligent access to data and analytical tools. Wanda works for you, providing on-demand insight at the moment you need it. Just ask Wanda. She responds to natural language, using Microsoft’s state of the art natural language processing technology.

Unit4 is taking a different approach, moving away from the “product-centric” ERP model that is currently the industry norm. Instead, the company is focusing on the specific needs of their clients. Unit4 is uniquely positioned to take this “client-centric” approach, as they serve a smaller number of clients than their larger competitors like Deltek and SAP.

This company is a pioneer in intelligent resource management software. Most industry insiders agree that all major ERP service providers will integrate their very own “self-driving,” data-driven machine learning technology into their products by the year 2020.

Optimized for the Client

Success for ERP cloud service providers is to see their clients succeed. After all, ongoing demand for their services depends on the survival of client companies.

Providers are dealing with the fact that ERP solutions come with the promise of optimized productivity and efficiency, but at the cost of breaking well-established practices that have kept companies up and running for years. As a result, product optimization for the client’s needs has become a top priority.

The Best for Your Business

Every ERP cloud service comes with its own flavor and recent shifts in trends have generated a great selection of products. When it comes time to commit to an ERP solution, find a company and solution that works best for your specific needs.


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