The Great Disruption

Chief Information Officers Challenges

The game is changing. Today’s startup companies focus on disruption by taking advantage of emerging technology to radically improve operating efficiency.

Rampant Emphasis on Efficiency

New explorations in efficient business like Lean business practices and Agile project management methodologyhave shifted the competitive advantage to companies that are able to maximize their efficiency. The ever-improving application of resource-optimizing ERP technology has contributed to today’s culture of industry disruption.

This has resulted in a more efficient economy, but industry disruption deals a crushing blow to many longstanding industry members. This has elevated the role of the chief information office (CIO) to among the most important in the corporate structure.

The CIO Makes or Breaks Incumbent Companies

While disruptive startup companies are native to this “new school” reliance on technology to optimize efficiency, incumbent companies are faced with the daunting task of adapting their well-established practices to compete effectively with the newcomers.

As industry disruptions are almost entirely based in technology, the CIO is the single person leading the charge in corporate restructuring. This requires leadership skills and a strong sense of direction. Very often, the CIO’s ability to perform here can make or break a company’s ability to persevere through radical industry changes.

Technical Insight is Integral

As technology and efficiency optimizing software are adopted, a CIO must possess extraordinary insight into the technical side of the business.

Migration towards a consolidated oversight solution means that the departmental functions of legacy software will need to be replaced by the new system. Choosing a proper ERP cloud service solution that meets all of the departmental needs of your organization is crucial. This is a nontrivial decision that the CIO needs to address confidently.

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People Skills and Communication are Equally Important

In order to succeed, the CIO has to connect personally with all departments and personnel. This will allow the CIO to properly address the diversity of needs across the corporate structure. It will also keep the entire staff on the same page about systemic restructuring, allowing every department to properly anticipate changes.

A Winning Skillset

This combination of technical insight and people skills makes the qualified CIO a rare commodity. However, there is no reason one person needs to face these challenges alone. Sometimes, a strong partnership between a technical expert and a strong social leader is all it takes.


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