Wasteful Spending with SaaS

Service as a software (SaaS) is exploding in popularity, and for good reason! The ever-evolving business landscape is making it increasingly more difficult for single-release software solutions to address the changing needs of client companies.

Many businesses are switching to SaaS to reduce spending on software.

Here’s how.

Slash Your Software and IT Budget

A crucial advantage of SaaS solutions is the fact that your software budget is well-defined. One-time-purchase software is deceptive as it can be difficult to say exactly when you’ll need to purchase new software versions.

To accurately quantify the savings provided by SaaS solutions, you have to consider the cost of your IT department as well.

Using a cloud-based SaaS means you’ll have IT services included – at the fraction of the cost of employing your own IT department. Software updates, hardware maintenance, and scaling solutions are all outsourced with SaaS.

When you compare all of these costs with the cost of a SaaS subscription, you’ll start to see the serious potential savings. SaaS offers an incredible amount of value.

SaaS Is Adaptable

By outsourcing software management to SaaS providers, companies are better able to manage their software spending. This is because SaaS is not a long-term commitment.

By looking at which subscription services are used and necessary and which aren’t, companies are able to easily eliminate unnecessary services.

In fact, a new venture in a program called “Meta SaaS” provides tools for companies to look analytically at SaaS use and spending. This information can enable businesses to trim their SaaS subscriptions to cover exactly what they need, and nothing more.

The objective of Meta SaaS is to eliminate wasteful spending which, as estimated by project co-founder Scott Hertel, could be millions of dollars every year.

A side effect of this is a highly competitive climate on the provider end of the SaaS market. As client corporations are less committed to software than ever, SaaS companies are forced to offer the best quality service at the best price possible.

Unprecedented Scalability

Perhaps the most cost-effective aspect of SaaS is the scalability of the subscription model. The logistics of scaling up a business can be a nightmare when it comes to installing new hardware and adapting data management.

SaaS providers are able to offer scalability with zero logistical planning. It’s all reduced to a price tag. The scale of your business is now just another cost, and a highly competitive cost at that.

Of course, migrating to SaaS solutions is a tough process, but we know it’s well worth the end result of a more cost-effective operating model. We offer solutions and support for corporate systems migrations.


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