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ERP and Procurement Software Market in 2019


ERP Software Market The state of the ERP and procurement software markets in 2019 is one of strong growth and steady change. The most prominent market trends include increased adoption of ERP software by small to mid-size businesses (SMBs); continued transition to cloud-based ERP solutions; and the rise of eProcurement software to eliminate costly manual [...]

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Common Mistakes in Change Management


Change management consulting is emerging as a standalone industry. This is the consequence growing competition-driven pressure for businesses to commit to the adoption of new enterprise resource planning (ERP) and a high rate of failure for businesses undergoing major changes. These are some of the most common mistakes that lead changing corporations to failure. Unanticipated Resistance to Change [...]

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ERP Implementation Strategies


Most enterprises implementing a new ERP system adopt either the big bang strategy or the phased roll-out strategy to guide their transition. While the big bang strategy is potentially quicker and less costly, the phase roll-out strategy is potentially safer and more stable. However, the company's final choice will depend on its size and a number of other key [...]

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Sciquest Is Now Jaggaer


From Starbucks to the United States Air Force to Duke University to Safeway, Jaggaer has been delivering results across the business, governmental, and education sectors for more than 20 years. Formerly known as Sciquest, Jaggaer's primary focus is the provision of "simply comprehensive spend solutions." In response to the growing call for tailored source-to-pay solutions, last week, Jaggaer proudly [...]

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The Great Disruption


Chief Information Officers Challenges The game is changing. Today's startup companies focus on disruption by taking advantage of emerging technology to radically improve operating efficiency. Rampant Emphasis on Efficiency New explorations in efficient business like Lean business practices and Agile project management methodologyhave shifted the competitive advantage to companies that are able to maximize their efficiency. The ever-improving [...]

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Disrupting the Mortgage Industry With SaaS


The complicated process of financing a home creates the unique intersection of big finance and low-to-moderate income individuals that is the mortgage industry. Underwriters have become especially careful and regulations have grown more restrictive in the time since the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Remember that many of the "toxic assets" that burst the bubble were (at least [...]

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Maintaining Network Security


ERP Research We strive to optimize efficiency and productivity by integrating all departments and operations into one data framework. This all-in-one system provides security benefits and creates security risks. It's important to understand the unique security challenges of a centralized network as your company moves towards centralization. The Benefits of Centralized Data Most systems are [...]

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Wasteful Spending with SaaS


Service as a software (SaaS) is exploding in popularity, and for good reason! The ever-evolving business landscape is making it increasingly more difficult for single-release software solutions to address the changing needs of client companies. Many businesses are switching to SaaS to reduce spending on software. Here's how. Slash Your Software and IT Budget A crucial advantage [...]

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ERP Goes Mobile


As ERP cloud service providers face stronger competition every quarter, there is a growing demand for more user-friendly features in their products. A highly demanded emerging feature is mobile interfaces for users. A push to integrate mobile access to cloud-based ERP systems is an emerging trend that will likely bundle with every major ERP software package in the near [...]

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Leading ERP Software Compared


The ERP software market in 2017 covers a wide spectrum of offerings. Here we take a detailed look at the leaders in two categories: ERP solutions for large enterprises; and ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ERP solutions for large enterprises The Tier 1 ERP vendor marketplace has grown increasingly crowded in recent [...]

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