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Market Intelligence

Use supplier, pricing and competitive intelligence to make sure you mitigate risk, pay the optimal price, and determine how your peers are sourcing and doing things differently.

  • Deliver an impressive ROI

  • 1000’s of indirect spend categories such as marketing, MRO & logistics, professional services, IT

  • Actionable framework of data and analysis.

  • Solid relationships with suppliers across a diverse grouping of categories

  • Our database of benchmark prices is free to use and will give you a competitive advantage

Expertise drives insights in pricing environments and best-practices.  We offer in-depth and on-the-ground information at the speed of business.


Develop an organization-wide procurement strategy aligned to business goals that allows you to implement a strategic sourcing road map for for ongoing category management.

  • Assess and compare the current performance of your procurement operations to that of world-class organizations

  • The right data can empower procurement teams to make smart buying decisions.

  • Utilize analysis of market trends and forecasts to track factors like price fluctuation, resource shortages and demand variation

  • Do more with less and run leaner and meaner than ever before by remaining agile and responsive

  • Increased visibility of the market by utilizing a third-party market intelligence strategy

We assist in the development of a sourcing and procurement transformation initiatives to allow you to execute strategies that align to the business needs and requirements.

Managed Services

Our outsourcing services are built on a solid framework of  technology, talented professionals, and industry & category expertise.

  • Normalize and enrich spend data to ultimately bring more spend under management.

  • Access category experts and sourcing consultants who use market intelligence and analytics

  • Real-time market intelligence on suppliers and commodity markets supports best-practices

  • World-class research, analytics and execution capabilities

  • Engagement models based on accurate and powerful intel.

Our seasoned professionals are experienced with top-level engagements.

18 %

Cost Recovery

10 x

Return on Investment


BPO Cost Savings

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