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Market Intelligence

Let’s combine our insights with your ideas to reduce costs, and speed things up in your organization. Our reports are effective. Tackle even the most challenging sourcing events, and Implement your ideas. Faster. ®

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Drive Cost Savings With Our Market Intelligence Reports

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“An additional resource for support and information which has made our negotiations with suppliers more effective.  Their expertise has helped our team gain additional leverage to identify and achieve better long term agreements.  The reports that GH has provided have been customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of our organization.  The data in these reports has been actionable and we have been able to identify cost savings opportunities as a result.”

“We chose Gordon Horner LLC after performing an RFI exploration, interviews of potential firms, and samples of deliverables, because we recognized that their firm possessed the unique expertise to support our strategic sourcing efforts.   We engaged in a one-year partnership which has already paid for itself and has benefitted from a significant Return on Investment(ROI) via Competitive Benchmarking, Actionable Data, and Third Party Expertise.”

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